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About iTute Learning App

At Hillsland Education, we believe that education is for everyone. Every kid should have access to quality education at affordable costs. Our product, the iTute learning app. is a testament to our belief and vision.
With tons of videos covering the syllabi prescribed by BOSEM and COHSEM for classes ranging from VI to XII, there is no reason for any kid to worry that they might not be able to attend coaching classes where their friends go. This should also come as a relief to parents who want their children to get quality education but do not have enough time to send their kids to coaching centres.
We aim to reach out and help every kid get their fair share of education at highly affordable costs, no matter where they are.

Trial Version available

You can try our app for free for up to 10 days. It won't cost you a dime if you are not satisfied with our content or lectures.

Short and crisp videos

To save time for the students, we have made our videos as short as possible without compromising the content. Utmost care is taken to ensure that nothing in the syllabus is left out.

Question Bank

Comprehensive question banks to practice and boost your confidence, thereby keeping you ready for any exam.

Explanation in local language

Ever wondered how Maths becomes interesting when explained in your mother tongue? Yes, it does sound more sensible and we have local language in place for your better understanding without losing the essense.

Evaluation tests

It is always nice to check how much you have learnt. To facilitate this, evaluation tests are available in the app. Test your knowledge and keep on learning.

Unlimited access

You can access the video tutorials as many times as you'd love to until the end of your subscription. Happy learning.

How The App Works?


Download out 'iTute Learning App' from the Android playstore and sign up with your mobile number.


Choose a suitable subscription plan.


May payment for your subscription securely through the built-in payment channel. We accept all leading credit/debit cards, netbanking etc.

Start learning

Start accessing your learning resources and start learning. All the best.

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Our Pricing Options

We provide a trial period of 10 days for anyone who wants to be sure that they are doing the right thing by buying a subscription plan. Only basic lessons will be made available during the trial period.

Trial Plan


  • 2 days

Class X


  • 18 months

Class XII


  • 18 months

Compettitive Exams


  • 18 months

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